Black Desert Online Eternal Winter Giveaway

Black Desert Online Giveaway character in winter gear

It might be April already, but the team behind Black Desert Online are about to bring back the winter chill. To celebrate the upcoming Eternal Winter expansion, we’ve got a Black Desert Online Giveaway.

Players eager to jump into Black Desert Online ahead of the upcoming expansion and prepare to plunder Murrowak’s Labyrnth can pick up some awesome loot thanks to Pearl Abyss. Gamespace has a whole chest full of codes for Black Desert Online, allowing you to get into game and get levelled up before the Mountain of Eternal Winter opens for players and the upcoming expansion launches on DATE.

Eternal Winter

The latest chapter in the Black Desert Online adventure launches on 6 April 2022, opening a treacherous new region of the world full of new activates. The legend of Labreska, the golden dragon holds special sway here and new faces, such as the mysterious Okjinsini wander the wastelands of this environment. Dangers come in all forms, and while frostbite is always a problem, the arrival of Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian, is an even more immediate problem for travellers in this world. With all of this, a new class, and plenty of extra loot on offer, you’ll want every advantage out in the snow.

What’s In The Box

Don’t worry we’ve ditched the RNG. Anybody fast enough to grab some loot before we get back and close the door can expect to receive the following in game items:

  • Game Pass x1
  • [Event] Kuku Pet x1
  • Inventory +4
  • Expansion Coupon x2
  • Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x3

Black Desert Online players will be able to grab these items in game too, adding a much-needed companion on the road to max level, or a boost to get fully geared ahead of the next chapter in this epic tale.

How To Enter

To grab a code, all you need to do is enter a valid email address into the giveaway widget below, you should receive your code shortly after that. Do note that you’ll need to be playing in the EU or NA for these PC codes to work.

Redeem Instruction [WEBSITE]

Visit our official Website at:

Create an account and follow the on screen prompts to complete account creation.

On your account information page click ‘Use coupon’.

Enter the attached code, and click ‘Use’.

Your game account should now be active.

Head to My Page on the Black Desert official website by clicking on the profile icon located on the top right.

Go to your Web Storage and select the items that you would like to send to your in-game mail. Select your region and click ‘Next’. * It may take up to 1 hour to apply the information of a newly created character for new families.

Open your in-game mailbox by pressing the (B) key or from the ESC menu.

Claim your items from the mailbox. Then you will find them in your Inventory or Pearl Inventory. Please Redeem the Coupon by May 31, 23:59 (UTC)

Redeem Instruction [IN-GAME]

Press the ESC button to bring up the in-game menu and find the “Use Coupon” menu button.

After clicking the Use Coupon menu, you’ll be able to see empty space to put codes

Next, click “Use” to send the item to your in-game mailbox (B).

Open your in-game mailbox by pressing the (B) key or from the ESC menu.

Claim your items from the mailbox. Then you will find them in your Inventory or Pearl Inventory.

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