Win Days of War

Win Days of War

Days of War, the superb looking new WW2 shooter is out now and you can win Days of War. We have 5 copies to give away to lucky readers.

Developed by Driven Arts and Graffiti Games, Days of War stood out when it raised its head above the parapets in 2017 and we’ve been quietly waiting in ambush ever since. Available now on PC, via Steam, the online multiplayer FPS is set to reclaim the competitive shooter experiences for fans of WW2 shooters of the early 2000s. Close quarters encounters, skill-based combat, and team-centric combat all come together across some gorgeous looking maps in this title.

The full launch finds this game escaping Early Access and adds a whole host of new features for fans of World War Two shooters to indulge in, detailed below.

  • Nonstop World War II Action – Fast-paced combat that throws players into the fray over and over again. Competitive viability for many types of play styles from bolt action rifles to high capacity machine guns.
  • Maps From Around the World – Discover 12 maps to conquer, including new theatres in Italy, Africa, and the Eastern front.
  • Elite Factions & Weapons – Fight as 4 different countries and find your favorite guns from an arsenal of 60 different weapons.
  • Big Action Battles – Partake in dense 32-player battles to see who reigns supreme.
  • Deep Modding Features – Make custom maps and mods with the easiest to use UE4 based SDK available.
  • Matchmaking and Multiplayer Bots – Hop right into the action with our robust matchmaking system or practice locally to test your skills against multiplayer bots.
How To Win

To win, just enter our competition using the entry form at the bottom of this post. We will hold the line until 2 February at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. If you are ready to take on this awesome looking FPS then gather your team and win Days of War.


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