Moncage Reveal A New Trailer And Publishing Partnership

Moncage, the cute indie puzzler just dropped a brand new trailer ahead of its release on PC, as well as news of a new publishing deal.

Moncage is a simple but utterly gorgeous looking puzzle adventure where you explore an entire world trapped inside a mysterious cube. Ever since the game hit the expo scene last year, it’s been busy raking up indie awards and now the title is due to land on PC, Switch and mobile sometime next year. Now, developer Optillusion, has confirmed that publisher X.D. Network will help bring this gorgeous looking tale to players across the globe. To celebrate the publishing deal, X.D. Network and Optillusion have dropped a brand new trailer for Moncage, just in case you weren’t already interested in this unique looking adventure.

Breaking Out Of The Box

Moncage is far from your average puzzler. The impressive aesthetic is accompanied by a tale where players delve into an entire world through the various sides of a mysterious cube. Each face of this box is a window into a unique world, and each shares a relationship to the other. Whether it’s peering into an old factory, a bedroom or lost island, you’ll need to connect the clues to solve the puzzle and unravel its secrets. To get a better idea of how these worlds all fit together and unravel the puzzle before players, check out the new trailer for Moncage at the top of this post.

If you’re looking for something else to keep you entertained until we get a release date, then X.D. Networks has been busy of late, bringing a range of indie titles to a global audience. While Moncage isn’t anything like recent releases of rhythm game Muse Dash or food fighter Juicy Realm, it’s definitely got my attention. Find out more on the Moncage Steam Store page now.

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