Throw Anything On PSVR Next Week

Throw Anything, the zombie-filled high rise experience is coming to the Sony PSVR on 6 February.

A Throw Anything PSVR port is about to fall into place and this fun-filled zombie VR title from Korean developer VisualLight is set to take a slightly different twist to the tower defense genre. Originally released on Steam VR for PC back in 2018, this jovial end of the world endeavor is injecting players into the action when it comes to PSVR.

And I Feel Fine

This brightly colored apocolypse deposits players at the top of a high rise building and pits them and the occasional NPC against waves of hungry undead. Grab everything that comes to hand and put your trust in gravity to do the rest as you chuck book, beds, and the occasional bystander at the clumsy creatures trying to scale your castle. The fully destructible environments that make up each level allow a huge variety of projectiles to be dropped, and that’s not all. You’ll get to interact with the environment in inventive ways, using a copier to copy objects or 3D printing deadly statues.

The high rise scenario isn’t the only place that players need to defend in Throw Anything. A Bucolic Plaza, a snowy mountain village, and more are included just to keep things interesting. Alongside all these features, the PSVR edition gets all the previous updates and fixes from the Steam VR version, making for a more stable experience right from the end of the world and onwards. The PSVR also gets some updated objects, including the following:

• Updated Lobby: Take a break by throwing darts, shooting some hoops, reading comic books, eating a snack – or enjoying some target practice.
• Special Assignment: Complete a special mission by order of the Secret Delivery Agency (SDA) – and collect all cube relics and chunks.
• Art & Audio Upgrades: Immerse yourself in enhanced graphics and sound effects.
• Item Shop: Buy and receive items as if you ordered them from the Internet! All purchases are delivered by courier at game start by the SDA.

This Throw anything PSVR port crashes onto the Sony Playstation Store on 6 February at $18.99 or local equivalent. Check out the PSVR trailer for more zombie bashing action. If you are looking for a game that feels a little less cartoon creative then check out the release news for The Walking Dead’s Saints and Sinners VR title.


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