Doom Eternal Trailer Takes On New Enemies

Doom Eternal just dropped a new trailer and it’s crammed full of new enemies to slay.

Bethesda just dropped a glorious new trailer for my most anticipated game this year and the second official trail gives us a glimpse of the carnage that awaits Doom guy back on earth. The latest trailer centers on the single-player campaign, where an old enemy seems to be ready for your wrath. With not a whole lot of new detail on multiplayer quite yet here and with hell unfolding across the ravaged planet, new enemies walk the plains of the once bountiful world. Between the destruction, the Marauder and the Gladiator come up against the trailer’s arsenal of firepower. The Marauder and Gladiator make an appearance for the first time, between lasers, fisticuffs, and a few glory kills but these two aren’t the only new additions to hell on earth. The Doom Slayer briefly wields the Crucible weapon during the trailer, providing a glimpse of the sticky end to come as this sword cleaves through enemies. The Crucible is a mighty blade and likely to become as iconic and messy as the chainsaw of old.

Doom Eternal is due to hit Stadia, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on the 20 March 2020. It is a follow up to the hit reworking of the classic FPS, which came to PC and console back in mid 2016. After pitting man against monster, the follow up was first announced last year during E3 2019. Now it is nearly here, with a Switch port planned to follow later in the years and frankly, I am onboard the train to hype hell. Find out more about this new chapter in the classic franchise over at the official Doom Eternal website or take a look at our other Doom coverage here at Gamespace.



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