Bless Unleashed PC Beta Is Live For Round 2

bless unleasehed PC Beta Test 2 screenshot of two characters in he desert

Anybody eager to get hands on with the second Bless Unleashed PC Beta can jump into the action right now!

The second Closed Beta Test for Bless Unleashed has landed on PC platforms and anybody who has been waiting to get going in this pretty new return to Bless can get in right now. The Bless Unleashed PC test period will run from right now up until 18 January 15:59 PST or the wee hours of the morning after for anybody in European shore.

Loot & Adventure

Log into this new testing round and you’ll expect to find yourself in among the action, with plenty of loot on offer. More than just making sure that things run smoothly before Bless Unleashed comes to PC later this year, the second Closed Beta testing phase also has some rewards on offer. Anybody participating will grab the “Breaker of Games” title, the Golden Hyaenodon mount, and a care package with 50,000 Star Seeds and 200,000 gold.

For those of you that think Bless is back, then you might need to sit down. Bless Unleashed is a brand new title based in the Bless universe. This reimagined world allows players the freedom to explore and adventure online with friends. It incorporates many of the same ore MMO ideas that the original Bless did but with vastly improved graphics, combat, and performance. Anybody with a console will also find that they can jump into Bless Unleashed on a console for free already.

“The PC version of Bless Unleashed has been a real labor of love for us,” said Jason Park, Round 8 Studio’s head of development. “We’ve been working hard to ensure it’s the best possible version of the game for our PC players and we can’t wait to see what they think of our improvements.”

While you’ll need a key to get into the Bless Unleashed tests going on right now, there should be plenty of footage and opinion coming out of the works soon and if e manage some time, we will definitely have an opinion on this interesting return to Bless. Check out more on the official Bless Unleashed PC website now

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