Blood Bowl Beta 3 Took Out 4618 Players And Racked Up Over 200000 Injuries

blood bowl 3 black orcs

Blood Bowl Beta 3 is over now but the aftermath of an epic playtest lives on, and the carnage looks pretty substantial.

Blood Bowl 3, the upcoming instalment in the tactical sports blood bath based in the Warhammer Universe, has just called time on the latest testing phase, but publisher Nacon has bequeathed us with an afer action report on the carnage. Players taking to the field over the course of developer Cyanide Studios pre-launch matchup had a chance to try out a range of in game modes, play with a number of Warhammer factions, and try to turn the table on their opponents with skill, luck, and the pointy end of a boot. In the end players racked up a total of 35,755 hours of game time across almost 11, 000 coaches. The fallout was fairly significant, with 216,933 injuries and 4,618 didn’t even get the chance to hobble off. Another 575 team-mates stayed on the field, even if they were yeeted across the pitch by Ogres, Trolls and Treemen.


blood bowl 3 beta results


As for the n game stats, well the Chaos Renegades were the favorite faction and likely responsible for a hefty wedge of the 23,823 touch downs and more than 26,000 fouls that the ref noticed. When things go live again, it’s likely there will be many more broken participants and uglier fouls going below the belt. This is Blood Bowl after all. For those that are a bit perplexed by the idea of a Warhammer does NHL, well that’s pretty much exactly what this turn based blood bath is. Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch later in 2022, the latest Blood Bowl will put players in charge of a rag tag group of competitors, turn the violence up to 11, and hope that each of the 12 teams involved can handle the pressure. Check out more on Blood Bowl 3 at the official website now.

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