Bloodstained Ritual of Night Trailer Side Scrolls Its Way to Hell & Back


Bloodstained Ritual of Night is a new game from Koji Igarashi. A new trailer was released today that shows off a new map called Church as well as game play action.

Bloodstained Ritual of Night

In the game, players take the role of Miriam who lives in 18th Century England. She is cursed in a way that is turning her skin to crystal. She finally falls into a coma only to wake up a decade later.

Today’s trailer is a step forward for the game. Church is a much more refined map than those shown in earlier demos. Miriam is shown using a number of skills including Spear Throw, Resist Holy and Optimizer. Additionally, she is shown using several weapons such as a Whip, Rapier and Katana. Lastly, viewers get a look at Bloodless, a never-before-seen boss.

For those who do not know, Igarashi is best known for his Castlevania series. This time, he brings his gothic touch to a side-scrolling game in a completely new universe but one that will undoubtedly be familiar for fans.

You can learn more on the KickStarter page.

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