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ARMS – Update 3.2 Trailer

Nintendo has published a new trailer for ARMS. It highlights the new features that will be coming to the game with a Switch-exclusive free update 3.2.  Players will be able to acquire badges for vario...

ARMS is getting a new brawler, free weekend test too!

News out of Gamescom this week for all you ARMS fans. Personally, I loved the game and play it casually, but there was something missing from keeping me addicted for weeks on end like other competitiv...


Today’s ARMS Update Brings Arena Mode And LAN Play Features

Today’s ARMS update, version 1.1.0 introduces “Arena Mode” which is accessible via an extra option for local multiplayer  (i.e. connect with other players that are located with the s...

ARMS Review

ARMS aims to do for boxing what Mario Kart did for go-kart racing and Splatoon did for the first person shooter. Take well-known concepts, sprinkle in some of that Nintendo magic to the mix, and end u...

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ARMS Global

ARMS Global “Testpunch” Beta Announced Along with Post-Launch Plans

Nintendo’s second big piece of news for the day is about the ARMS global “testpunch” beta! Each region will have two full weekends of gaming goodness. The first weekend will be live ...


ARMS is the subject of the next Nintendo Direct, on May 17th

Looks like we’ll be getting the Full Monty on ARMS this week, as tomorrow Nintendo will be hosting a long look at the upcoming fighting game on Nintendo Direct. Additionally, a brand new Splatoo...

ARMS new fighter Helix is a sexy green blob

ARMS’ new fighter Helix is a sexy green blob

The more I see of ARMS, the more I think it may be a killer app for the Switch. It looks like an incredibly adept 1v1 esport that’s probably going to get crazy tournaments all over the country. ...

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