BlueStacks Inside Can Bring Mobile Games to Steam

BlueStacks Inside Can Bring Mobile Games to Steam

According to VentureBeat, PC gaming platform BlueStacks has launched a new project BlueStacks Inside which allows mobile game developers to publish their games on Steam with no PC port. Instead BlueStacks Inside provides the developers with a one-step software development kit to bring their games to Steam and Discord.

“What we see is that the BlueStacks and Steam audiences overlap almost completely. So the partnership gives gamers access to the entire Android gaming library right on their PCs,” says Rosen Sharma, BlueStacks CEO, in a statement. “We eliminate the need for separate development teams just to bring mobile games to a PC audience. When published with BlueStacks, a player downloading the game through Steam gets the full game experience. It isn’t BlueStacks. It isn’t Steam. It’s a PC game.”

Check out the original article at VentureBeat to learn more.

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