Broken Lines explores the stress of war in an alt WW2 story

Broken Lines and PortaPlay have announced that their tactical RPG, Broken Lines, will be released in 2020 for both Nintendo Switch and PC. To celebrate the news, developers have released a brand new trailer to showcase the unique story.

Gameplay takes place during an alt-WW2 scenario where a squad of soldiers is trapped behind enemy lines. Their goal is, of course, to get home but at what cost? They have to fight their way through a war-torn world while struggling with psychological and physical hardship. They must confront their hopes and fears to make it home.

Players will take part in tactical combat that utilizes the pause feature to issue commands before unleashing the squad into battle. “This offers players more fluid and realistic gameplay with the action automatically pausing when new dangers appear, allowing the player to respond to the new tactical situation.”

There is no specific information about when in 2020 players can expect to see the game, but it’s worth keeping tabs on the Broken Lines official site to learn more.

About Broken Lines

Each survivor has their own views on what to do, and their own principles on what is acceptable. Some want to investigate what caused their crash, others want to stay low and avoid detection by the enemy. There are even whispers of desertion.

It is your task to be the unseeing hand that will guide this ragtag group of soldiers through their struggles. Make your decisions wisely, for they will have real consequences on the fates of the survivors.

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