Button City Soccer Days Is Going to Charm the Studs Off Your Boots

Buton City Soccer Days kicked off preparation for a 2024 launch with an announcement trailer at The Mix Next showcase.

Button City is getting a follow up, and the charming cast of animal avatars is set to start a new adventure in 2024. Developer Subliminal gaming is set to reintroduce us to a cute team of youngster as they prepare for an upcoming soccer competition. The brightly colored RPG will shoot onto PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4|5, and features a bunch of familiar faces.

Fennel fox and his anthropomorphic friends – the Fluff Squad – feature in the new announcement trailer. It’s just a bit of a warmup but invites us all to team up with the group’s former rivals, the Tuff Fluffs, against evil fluffy cat Pepperbottom’s. The sneaky felines are out to infiltrate the fun filled season with a team full of pro players! Anybody joining this perky flock of amateurs will need to manage the team, complete daily tasks to keep things running smoothly, build player stats, and build a compatible team. Rather than battle it out tabletop style, this pastel shaded indie RPG is about teamwork and co-operation. Not only is this just utterly adorable, its also going to include Story, Free Play, and Local Multiplayer modes to fill out your extra time.

Have a look at the gorgeous trailer for this cute game above and find out more on the official Button City Soccer Days website.

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