Catherine: Full Body to become a smooth operator on Switch

Catherine: Full Body

Atlus Games has announced that Catherine: Full Body will be coming to Nintendo Switch on July 7th. The announcement was made during today’s Nintendo Direct.

The game was remastered for PC in late 2019. Our reviewer had this to say:

“Catherine: Full Body is truly a remaster done right. With multiple puzzles, a brand new storyline, and new options that include an auto-play feature for story-lovers, if there are gamers out there that were on the fence about picking up Catherine, this version is a definite must. While more veteran Catherine players and action-oriented puzzle fans may get tired of the long story scenes, ATLUS has also included online modes, the remixed story path, and non-story oriented puzzles that are also available to keep players invested.”

The Switch version is presumed to include all of the game elements from the PC remaster including the Japanese voice-overs, higher game resolution, improved framerate, and customizable controls.

Learn more on the Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch page.

About Catherine: Full Body
  • A Choice to Make – Vincent’s heart is torn between two women. On one side sits Katherine, the girl who intends to wed Vincent someday. On the other, Catherine, who appeared out of nowhere.
  • Nightmarish Puzzles – Various obstacles impede Vincent’s path. Some blocks are traps, waiting to skewer unwary climbers. Others explode, damaging everything around them. The sheep in the nightmare are desperate to survive until morning, too. They’ll get in your way, mess up your blocks, or even try to shove you off.
  • Three Game Modes – Play through Vincent’s twisting story of love, lust, and self-determination in Golden Playhouse. Take on the tower’s challenges for high scores, single player or local co-op, in Babel. Face other players in local multiplayer to determine who is the better climber in Colosseum.
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