Not Tonight Breaks Away On Nintendo Switch Soon

Not Tonight, the politically charged RPG, is getting ready to break away from the constraints of the front room on Nintendo Switch come 31 January.

Never mind the naysayers that think it can’t be done. You can get on your big red bus and travel the country with the downsized version of this satire based on a post-Brexit Britain where things might not have gone as well as this port. After a break down in talks and some serious mismanagement, all the individuals of European heritage are rounded up and exiled. Playing as one of these unfortunates, on the go politicos must manage to survive in an uncertain world. Hostile public perception, a gig economy, and traditional British weather find players manning the doors of pubs, clubs, festivals, and parties while fighting to scrape by and return to the city you call home.

Dark Days

The 2D side on survival sim that first hit PC in 2018 is a typically dark take on the potential outcome for the olde world and fuses time management RPG with this narrative. If you manage to duck the long arm of the law, keep the locals on side, and stay in gainful employment then you might not be found asking for papers please. The port onto Nintendo Switch brings together the original Not Tonight game alongside some added extras. Called the Take Back Control Edition, the Nintendo Switch will also include the new One Love DLC. One Love adds an extension to the story and features a range of new gameplay elements and locations to see out Brexit.

This title is a stark look at the political fallout of society’s choices that alls into the same vein as Headliner. It might not be to your taste if you think that the Uk needs to get Brexit done but it is likely to strike a chord with anybody who can hum Ode to Joy. Check out more on Not Tonight on Nintendo Switch over on the Nintendo eShop now.


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