Street Fighter Duel Delivers Devil May Cry 5 Crossover

Street Fighter Duel Delivers Devil May Cry 5 - Dante stands in the middle of the screen in front of a big hecking demon

Street Fighter Duel, the mobile RPG featuring Capcom’s classic beat ‘em up, has announced a thrilling new crossover event.

The gaming arm of anime streaming giant, Crunchyroll has announced that fans of Street Fighter Duel will get a devilishly good crossover soon. Later this month, the mobile RPG title will welcome demon hunter Dante to the back alleys and tough streets of this spin off RPG as part of the Devil Invasion crossover.

High kicking off on 11 May, the new event will find a mysterious tree, the Qliphoth sprouting out of Devil May Cry 5. This ferocious sapling will cast a sinister shadow over the world and megalomaniac M. Bison will attempt to harness the looming tree’s dark power up until 24 May. Al players need to do is prevent the Qliphoth from consuming the world.

Thankfully, you’ll get some help. Dante will appear as a playable character. This series protagonist is accompanied by a range of exclusive rewards, some incredible combat manoeuvres, and the opportunity to power up existing fighters. If you’re already limbering up then check out more on the official web page, or check out both Street Fighter II: The Animated Series and 2007’s Devil May Cry: The Animated Series on Crunchyroll.

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