Cats & Soup May Queen Attendance Event Tells New Tails

Cats & Soup

Cats & Soup, the cute kitty clicker from Neowiz, is getting some adorable new content.

Neowiz has announced that the kitties are getting a whole new party with range of new updates for Cats & Soup. Running right now until the end of May, players can take part in the May Queen Attendance Event, giving the cats a whole litter of fabulous rewards just for login in and petting these prurrfect companions. Logging in every day will reward players with items like the trendy may Beret, a spring outfit, and shiny gems.

In addition to pressing play, gamers can pick up a bunch of rewards using the Kitty Photo Studio. Snapping a shot or two with your favorite short hairs will net up to. Five time the normal loo from normal photo missions, while the month of festivities also adds the ‘Dino Buddy T Rex Set’ and the Dino Buddy Triceratops Set. Alternatively, you could get out in the woods with the Camping Tip Tent Skin while the weather is still good.

In a further reward for their souper supportive fan base, Neowiz has also kicked off a partnership with keyboard app ‘Playkeyboard’. Anybody taking part in the MBTI test can take home a special keyboard theme. Featuring your own unique MBTI. This is on offer between 17 May 2023 until 31 May 2023. Neowiz has also confirmed that if there’s enough social media hype on the official Instagram page, then they’ll throw more in game treats at participants. While we don’t know what that is, I already like all the cat pictures on Instagram. Check out the official social feeds for more.

Cats & Soup is an unexpected and entirely cute casual clicker where players collect Cats, explore a laid back world, make soup, and generally just chill. You can celebrate May with Cats & Soup on iOS and Android now,

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