Chernobylite Unlocks A Ghost Town With An Unnerving New Update

Chernobylite, the horror-tinged trip to an abandoned Russian disaster site, just got a free update and opened the doors to a ghastly ghost town.

The Farm 51 and publisher All in! Games have just added a brand new update to Chernobylite. The supernatural adventure into an abandoned nuclear disaster zone has already had one major content update since it launched earlier this year. Now the team behind this terror has thrown open the door to the latest Ghost Town update. As the name suggests this free add-on for Chernobylite adds a new set of zones to the Pripyat Residential Area. Dilapidated, like the rest of the city, this 3D scanned recreation of a real-world locale includes the remnants of daily life, dwellings, and a few iconic buildings long abandoned.

Players who already have Chernobylite will be able to boot up and explore the cavernous Azure Swimming Pool, among other locations. In between green regrowth and the unnatural glow, players will also be able to battle more seemingly unnatural opponents in a range of new events and side missions that come to the Ghost Town update. This isn’t the only update to make it into Chernobylite. Already available, alongside the Ghost Town, the Deadly Frost Skin Pack can be picked up on Steam for $3.99/€3.29/£2.89 and will add a frosted coat of arms to your weapons. Additionally, the game’s original soundtrack, from award-winning composer Mikolai Stroiński, is now available for purchase on Steam for $4.99/€4.99/£4.99 too.

If you’re not prepared for this mix of survival horror and FPS action then take a look at the first in our series of developer diaries, talking about the transformation of a real-world town in the shadow of Chernobyl, into the setting for a fantastical adventure. Alternatively, you could simply jump in and try the new demo out for yourself before entering our upcoming giveaway, where you could win a copy of Chernobylite. Check out more about all of the above on the official Steam Store page and enter for a chance to win nuclear winter getaway here at Gamespace.

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