Chernobylite Developer Diary Describes How A Mysterious Green Substance Transformed Pripyat

Irradiated wastelands, mutated monsters, and an eerie sense that something unnatural is lurking beyond the realms of this reality aren’t exactly festive favors but the team behind sci-fi survival horror Chernobylite did gift us with a look into the depths of this incredible experience today. This is the first in a series of new developer diaries detailing more about Chernobylite’s eponymous green substance.

Hosted by Artur Fojcik, Game Director and Development lead for Chernobylite, this brand new video introduces the power of Chernobylite, a fictional substance that developer The Farm 51 uses to twist the real world and into Chernobylite’s disturbing supernatural wasteland. While the real-world legacy of an abandoned Chernobyl is fascinating, it is far from dangerous these days and Fojcik explains how a simple fictional substance allowed the team behind this astounding to add a whole new fantasy twist to this otherwise peaceful monument.

Building in a supernatural element, crafting portals in the world, and adding in some misguided human greed are all stales of the horror genre, all possible thanks to the power of this green substance. The monsters that breakthrough into the game world are a definite nod to an Eastern brand of disjointed Oni, and synonymous with modern other celluloid offerings, while this developer deep dive even touches on the way the team behind Chernobylite corrupted the resurgent forests, adding in a biological twist to this tale.

This isn’t all that Chernobylite does, but you’ll have to check out the video to find out more about how The Farm 51 took an unassuming town with a disastrous past and twisted it into an unnerving tale, all thanks to a simple green substance. If you haven’t tried out Chernobylite yet then this first-person survival horror is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam, GoG, and Epic right now. It follows the fate of engineer Igor as he ventures into Chernobyl’s exclusion zone to uncover the truth about his fiancée’s disappearance, only to find something far more sinister breaking through.

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