Gundam U.C. Engage Goes Global on 17 October

Gundam U.C. Engage - a gundam

Get in the Gundam later this week when Gundam U.C. Engage launches across iOS and Android on 17 October.

Bandai’s latest entry into the Gundam gaming series is set to blast off onto mobile screens later this week. The hugely popular anime mecha series is about to spin off the Universal Century timeline into a brand new auto battler. Taking characters from across this version of the iconic show and grouping them together, the newest Gundam gam will allow players to experience a new type of battler, according to Bandai.

Looking a lot like an auto chess idler with an impressive anime front end, this new title promises space based battles and 6v6 warfare featuring the biggest mechs from Universal Century. That means plots, Gundams, and locations that have featured from several on screen series. There’s a brand-new narrative to pull Gundam U.C. Engage together, although I wouldn’t exactly expect any new cannon material or a small screen version of Gundam Versus.

Anybody who isn’t currently finishing off Fontain on their commute might be interested in signing up before the global release. While things went live in Japan back in 2021, the global launch is handing out preregistrations bonuses. Bandai is a little cagey on the final look of these, but has confirmed that in case of 100K preregistrations, users will receive “UR Gundam” and a total of 3,000 Diamonds. So far, 200,000 pilots are on the list. Free giant mecha robots are never worth turning down. You can check out more on the official website now.

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