The Captain Is Dead Warps Onto PC, Mac, and Mobile

Take the chair. The Captain is Dead is ready for you to launch into a new sci-fi adventure on PC, Mac, iOS and Android right now.

It takes years of academy training to make the best of the best, and even fewer still manage to make it from scrubbing conduits into the captain’s chair. Thankfully for you, the ship’s head is dead and there’s a fast track into command just waiting. Anybody willing to step up and plonk their cheeks in the big chair can take command of their very own motley crew of space rangers in The Captain is Dead.

Mind The Core Temperatures

Billed as a space faring digital board game, this rehash of the real world table top title is now part board game, part video game, and all sci-fi survival. With nothing but an icy death in the depths of space before you, you’ll take charge of a wayward crew and ensure that broken shields are patched, alien boarding parties are pushed back, and the core doesn’t explode while you head out into the unexplored expanse. Just like FTL and Space Crew, everybody from the Ensigns to Admirals come with their own particular skillset and they’ll need to be managed so they don’t spend too much time hogging the sensors.

Alongside the roguish mechanics, The Captain is Dead includes retro poly styled graphics and a super-talented voice cast, featuring Kevan Brighting (The Stanley Parable, Void Bastards, Portal) and Elias Toufexis (Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse, Deus Ex), lend their vocals to the beleaguered crew, backed by a blistering soundtrack from top synthwave producer, Occams Laser, that remixes on-the-fly to keep the beats in sync with the on-screen devastation. If you have every thought Bridge Crew was just a little too orderly then check out more on The Captain is Dead over on the official website before you sign up on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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