CS:GO Betting Is Becoming the New Big Thing

CS:GO sports wager

Undoubtedly you have heard about Counter Strike Global Offensive gambling. It’s the practice of betting on your favorite esports team and, if they happen to win, being able to collect your reward. It technically works the same as sports betting, only it is more immersive and relatable.

Every player that has played the game knows the layout and the rules well, so it’s much easier for them to fully immerse themselves into such an esports match. So, if you too are really into Counter-Strike, you should consider checking out CS:GO betting. But before you do, make sure you check out this beginners’ guide to CSGO betting to gain a better understanding of how things actually work. The more you’re able to learn about it, the greater the success you can expect to get.

What was the playerbase like over the years?

After the rough release of Counter-strike back in 2012 players have started to pick up the game more and more. But it wasn’t until April of 2020 that the game peaked in players. Ever since then the game has been averaging lower players. The game is not “dying” by any means but it definitely slowed down. However, all the while, the eSports scene has been booming and many people started to pick up on that and started offering various Counter-Strike casinos and gambling services. When counterstrike was released, it was averaging around 900 players during the first months. But it picked up traction quite quickly, probably thanks to its predecessor Counter-Strike: Source.

How are they doing in the prize pools in eSports?

We all remember parents telling us that playing games are never gonna make us money or get us a decent career. Well looking at the numbers, those suggestions were quite wrong.

To give you a quick example, the prize pool for the eSport scene League of Legends is a whopping  $6,225,000 USD. The prize is divided among 5 players. For the game Fortnite, the prize pool is an insane 15.4 Million. A game like Dota pays around 40 Million USD.

And Counter-Strike is following closely behind with 2 Million USD. So, it’s not really a surprise that betting on eSports also promises quite interesting winnings.


What about other games outside of CS:GO?

Well, as mentioned above, the other eSports games also have a lot of money in them, so it’s really not surprising that some of them are quite popular as well. You’d be surprised just how many different games you can actually bet on!

Skin gambling in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Skin gambling also plays a huge role in eSports betting. As you probably know, skins are very popular in CS:GO, and the market around them is huge. While some players wait for steam sales throughout the year to update their cheap-looking weapons, two of the most expensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins were sold for a whopping $780.000.

For the layman, it may be difficult to believe that someone would squander $780K on a virtual cosmetic piece to bolster their weapon. However, CS:GO players have seen many similar jaw-dropping transactions between elite players who can easily afford such skins. Needless to say, some of the most expensive weapon skins are also some of the rarest ones. Most recently, CS:GO player Kirito revealed that the “largest transaction in the history of CS:GO” has been made in a $780.000 deal. This deal happened in China, face to face in a restaurant.

So, there is no surprise that the skin gambling market is big too. If you head online, you can easily find many skin-gambling sites, where you can trade in your skins for some cash, just like if you were to sell them on the steam market.

Counter-Strike skin investing

No, you read that right, CS:GO investing is an actual thing. This is basically buying up tons of skins over time and then selling them back later. Online you can find many gurus that will teach you how to do this right. However, if you make your profit, there is not really a way to cash that out. The only way you could make some actual cash would be if you manage to find a willing buyer and make the transaction in person.

A good strategy is to buy skins that are only available during a limited time span, and sell them later on once they become no longer available.

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