Mobile RPG “Darkness Rises” Heralds In Its First Content Update


The mobile, story-driven action-role-playing game Darkness Rises, from NEXON Korea Corporation, ushers in its first content update. The content update adds a new challenging boss, improved gameplay mechanics, new valuable items and other improvements. Darkness Rises players who can now download the update on iOS and Android.

Darkness Rises boasts innovative console-inspired gameplay, an immersive story, stunning graphics and an intense battle system that reflects the game’s hellish dark and gritty medieval world. The unique mechanics translate flawlessly to mobile where players descend into the fiery pits of The Underworld to engage vile hordes of violent demons obsessed with escaping the sweltering void to ravage the world’s peaceful inhabitants.

About Darkness Rises‘ Content Update

The new update includes several features, including:

  • Terrifying Boss Gigantes – The grotesque Gigantes joins the formidable cast of bosses that test players’ skill with increasing difficulty as players venture deeper into the haunting abyss. Players can challenge Gigantes in Boss Raids, now available anytime
  • Enhanced Game System Based On Player Feedback – Player’s in-game feedback has led to several system improvements, such as an upgraded costume collection system, Grimoire system and exciting events
  • New Costumes – New costumes were added: the Three Kingdoms costumes and all summer long rash guards are now available from the costume chest
About Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is a 3rd person action RPG on mobile devices. The game has an extensive character creator and allows you to choose from a number of classes, from the Bezerker to the magic-wielding Wizard, that fits your playstyle. The game has PvE as well as a PvP compete whereby you unleash in the arena against other players. Other features include challenging boss fights, the Soul Link ability to seize control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves and dungeon raids.

If you’re still not sold, check out the game’s trailer here:

Darkness Rises is available now for iPhone and Android players. The game is rated “T” for Teen (ESRB).

Follow the game through its Facebook page as well.

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