Dive Into Nauticrawl On iOS Today

Dive into Nauticrawl on iOS devices when this roguelike puzzle box launches today.

Due out on iOS devices today, Nauticawl is a sci-fi escape room adventure where players must steal and escape in a hulking metal vehicle with no training whatsoever. After initially navigating the road to success on PC, Spare Parts Oasis and Armor Games Studios have combined efforts to port this steampunk-styled puzzler to Apple owners.

The full title of this new on-the-go escape is Nauticrawl: 20,000 Atmospheres, and it drops players into a world where the ruling classes subjugate their lessors. The only way to escape from a distant plant turned personal prison is o take the controls of an ill acquired vehicle and try to work out how to pilot your way to freedom. For any other sci-fi scene, this might sound easy. However, this cockpit full of obscure buttons, levers, and displays intended only for use by the ruling elites, ensures that things aren’t going to be so simple.

Nauticrawl is not intended to be intuitive. Instead, players must experiment, perceiver, and unravel the mysteries of their stolen prize, all while trying to steer away from their old life and further into this roguish adventure with every run. Players ready to take on the challenge can find Nauticrawl available now on iOS via the App Store, priced $4.99 / £4.99 / €5.49.

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