Fate/Extella Launches for Nintendo Switch & PC

PC and Nintendo Switch players can now start on their journey through Fate/Extella. Switch players can also strut their stuff in any one of 30 different costumes. Nothing says style like the “Unshackled Bride” look, right?

The Switch version is available via Nintendo eShop and at retail stores for $59.99. The Windows PC version is available via Steam as a standalone digital release for $49.99. To celebrate, XSEED Games is hosting a one-week 10% off launch sale for the base game and offering 20% off all of the Windows PC version’s DLC from July 25 through July 31.


This is the latest game in a long series but this current version offers players a chance to see “worlds collide”. Players will meet characters from several games including Fate/stay night, Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Zero. This is just naming a few, according to the developers.

The story is a brand new one from series’ author Kinoko Nasu. Each of the three main characters offers her perspective on events unfolding. In addition, a number of side stories are present that “shed light on the main story”.

Lastly, F/E includes a new battle system that is much more action-oriented. Players control a Servant and work to create combination moves to lead to a form change. Battles can take place on the ground or in the air.

You can learn more by visiting the official site or Steam page.


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