Final Fantasy XV Proves It’s the Busiest Game at Gamescom


During Gamescom, Final Fantasy XV is proving itself to be the busiest game on the floor. Between the announcement of the new mobile game and that it’s coming to PC, there’s hardly been a moment we haven’t been talking FFXV.

Well, you won’t believe it, but there’s more. Square Enix is teasing Switch owners with the game. In addition, the fishing VR game, Monster of the Deep, will be released in November.

Final Fantasy XV – Switch

During Square’s Gamescom event today, developers mentioned Switch (kind of…), a huge change from earlier conventions.

Hajime Tabata said, “We can’t give you any complete, solid details right at the moment, but we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game and the franchise. There’s another certain console out there people may be thinking of. It sounds a little bit like “twitch”. Everyone on the FFXV team loves this specific console that sounds a lot like twitch, so you may want to think about something like that in the future.”

That’s certainly not specific information about a Switch version, but it’s pretty dang close, wouldn’t you say? Developers were equally cagey about a PC version about this time last year. Look where we are today!

Final Fantasy  XV – Fishing VR

FFXV: Monster of the Deep is the Final Fantasy XV spin off for PlayStation VR. It’s a virtual reality fishing game and it finally has a release date. You can start baiting your virtual hooks starting November 21st.

During the game, players head out on a fishing trip with Noctis et al. During story mode, players are thrown into the middle of “an exhilarating and action-packed showdown with a menace that lurks in the depths”. Free fishing mode, as the name implies, means you just head out and go for the big one.

Can you think of any OTHER way that Square could monetize FFXV? It’s the busiest game in the industry!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of this iteration of the Final Fantasy series. I’m interested in all the components going on in their expanded universe. Hopefully, it’s success will lead to an equally impressive sequel.

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