Final Patch for Marvel’s Avengers Unlocks Nearly Everything in the Marketplace

Marvel's Avengers Final Patch

Crystal Dynamics has announced the release of the final patch for Marvel’s Avengers ahead of its closure in September 2023. With the launch of this update, players will gain access to “nearly all Marketplace items for free.” In addition, players will receive final buffs that make Heroes feel even more powerful as they battle through their final days in the game.

Significant update features

  • Nearly all MCU- and non-MCU-inspired Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates are now automatically available on your Hero Card.
  • Items earned through the campaign or purchased through the Cosmetic Vendor must be earned or purchased, respectively, as they always have been.
  • The Shipments system and Hero Challenge Cards have been completely removed from the game. Items previously earnable from Shipments and Hero Challenge Cards are included in the hundreds of Marketplace items automatically granted when you update to v2.8.
  • You do not need to be connected to the internet to access all of the unlocked Marketplace content after updating to v2.8.
  • As a thank-you to players who’ve been with us on the journey, we’re granting a special Founder’s Gift – Iron Man’s ‘Variable Threat Response Battle Suit.’ This Outfit will be automatically granted to any player who has earned at least one Trophy/Achievement before April 1.
  • All existing Credits balances have been converted to in-game resources. Please see our Patch Notes blog, which breaks down that conversion. For questions regarding your balance conversion, please contact our Support team at:
  • Owned Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors have been completely removed from the game. In their place, there is now a permanent 1.5x multiplier on Fragments earned and XP gained.
  • A small hotfix, Update 2.8.1, will go live on April 4 to address a Known Issue. (This issue is detailed in the Patch Notes.)

The update not only comes with the ability for players to access all previously premium currency items, but it also arrives with many bug fixes and feature enhancements. Areas improved include combat, campaign, Avengers Initiative, UI, gear, rewards, art, and animation.

Check out the full update notes on the Marvel’s Avengers Steam page. The same update has also been deployed for PlayStation and Xbox players.

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