Folky Farmland Slaughterfest Harvest Hunt Sprouts Onto Steam in May

Neonhive Games and Villainous Games Studio just announced a new roguelike horror coming to Steam during May 2024.

Don the mask and take on an eerie role as the warden in Harvest Hunt. This spine-chilling new adventure just dropped a release date and a tingling new trailer. Teased at IGN Fan Fest, the upcoming frightener gave us a look at the plight of a forsaken village. Voiced by Samantha Béart (Baldur’s Gate 3, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Cabernet), the new preview shows us the desolate lands of Luna Nova. Nought but death awaits here for most mortals, however.

Every harvest season a new warden must protect the villagers from the fearsome beasts that loom in the dark. Players will seal their fate by drawing cards, to unlock abilities that might keep them safe through the long night ahead. Once prepared, you’ll take control of the warden’s fate and plod through a first person horror show where you can play hide and go die with a range of supernatural fiends. Sure, a pitchfork might help, but I’d rather run through the cornfields than stand my ground.

While the small scale creature feature might not go up against AAAA titles, this is an solid start for publisher Neonhive Games. The marketing agency only turned its hand to publishing a day before this announcement at the IGN event. To take a closer look at what goes bump in the night, check out the official Steam Store page now.

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