Football, Tactics and Glory coming to Mobile and Console

Tactics and Glory

Normally, when I think football on a console I get flashbacks to the unrelenting march of a certain soccer franchise. Now, Toplitz Productions and Raylight games are about to give gamers something a little different with Football, Tactics and Glory, and there isn’t a card pack in sight.

Football, Tactics and Glory is the work of developer Croteam, and initially kicked off on PC. Back in 2018, the Croatian developer brought together a mix of a turn-based strategy and competitive sport that attempts to reinvigorate this traditional sporting experience. For anybody that has soaked themselves in the blood of their enemies and found glory in the Bloodbowl, you might be familiar with the idea. Incorporating many of the turn-based mechanics you might be used to in swords and sorcery systems, it dispenses with the sports management admin that tend to drown many players. Legions of tables and a sea of menu subsystems are replaced with RPG style mechanics, class roles, and progression systems that mean the ball isn’t the only thing that rolls in Football, Tactics and Glory.

After leaving early access on PC, the game is now due to arrive on several new platforms during Q3, 2019. Raylight Games, are porting Football, Tactics and Glory into this new league. Witha long history of working on projects, across several handheld platforms, for massive studios like EA, Sega, CD Projekt Red, and Obsidian, Raylight look like a solid choice to bring this take on the worlds favorite game to a brand new audience. If you are sick of the same old soccer theme, you can find out more about Football, Tactics and Glory on the official website.

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