Frostpunk: On The Edge Receives a New Trailer & Release Date

The developers from 11 bit Studios have announced On the Edge, the third and the final DLC for strategy Frostpunk, in early summer. Now with the release of a new cinematic trailer, the update received the exact release date: prepare for the expedition starting on August 20.

On the Edge picks up where the base game left off: surviving the Great Storm does not mean the end of the peril for New London and its citizens. A scouting party is sent to set up an outpost and a steady chain of supplies back to the capital. But… the world of Frostpunk is still full of embroiled dualities: trust or skepticism, independence or domination, union or separation. The question is, what path will you take?

Near the outpost, there are no animals to hunt, so you’ll be depending on food sent from New London and their favors are not inexhaustible. They have their demands too. The good part is that the weather is not so severe here, on the edge. For now, the people have managed to survive without a Generator, but for how long? Will you be able to lead them for survival, far from the capital city of New London?

Frostpunk: On the Edge features:

  • A gripping survival story set after events of the original game
  • Circumstances will force players to explore and adapt to the frozen wilderness
  • A brand-new map with unique structures
  • New methods to divide or unite your people
  • New mechanics to build economic and diplomatic relations

Frostpunk: On The Edge is coming to PC via Steam, and Humble Store on August 20.

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