BlazeSky Early Access Lands Next Month

BlazeSky, an upcoming sci-fi action RPG from indie developerDouble Robot, has confirmed that it will enter early access this August.

Set in a star-filled void where only the smartest survive, BlazeSky certainly has its eyes set on a grand adventure. This soon to be RPG blends the timeless gameplay of Wing Commander and the scope and action of Privateer into a 2.5D setting as it puts players in charge of their own intergalactic adventure. Starting from the safety of the Terran Republic, gamers will strap into a starship and venture out into the great beyond to meet a variety of helpful characters and unusual enemies in a series of missions that explore ancient galactic mysteries.

A Path To The Stars

With a space opera narrative that puts the future of human civilization up for grabs, BlazeSky is sett to use all of space as its stage. 30 hand-crafted star systems, over 25 hours of story-driven, voice-acted gameplay, 50 playable ships, each with unique aesthetics and characteristics, as well as a ton of weapons to attach to your hull mean that BlazeSky should feel like an epic indie adventure.

“Early Access is going to provide a unique opportunity for feedback from real players all over the world.” states Lead Developer, Will Iverson. “I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone on everything – the story, the features, and gameplay balance. I can’t wait to share the world of BlazeSky – a modern science fiction open world environment – with fans of science fiction new and old.”

Fans of the Wing Commander franchise, or anybody who loved the sale of the Mass Effect series might want to give this one a quick look. BlzaeSky will hit Early Access on Steam as of 17 August 2020 and provides fans with an exclusive ship and missile texture pack, and an early adopter price of $14,99 or local equivalent. Anybody who wants to hold out a little longer shouldn’t have too long to wait. The game will launch for real in September on PC. You can check out more about BlazeSky in the official trailer above or head over to the Steam Store page to pick it up now.

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