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A small, cute story of many moves
User Rating: 5.5

The idea of the puzzle, based on moving to a new house and unpacking the boxes, over and over again, is very interesting and aroused a lot of my great interest. The whole game is the process of finding the right place for every piece of clothing, book, and practically everything that surrounds us. This is our Unpacking for PC review.

Unpacking 1

Unpacking is what is written on the wrapper, a very short game about unpacking after the move, but the developer from Witch Beam somehow managed to fit in it the whole life of the character, expressed in souvenirs, varieties, and quantities of shampoos, and so many plush animals, and of course personal belongings.

In a nutshell, this is a game in which they try to tell a story, inviting you to look through someone’s things, and already think out what is trying.

Ordinary objects are enough for an interesting little story. There are no cut-scenes or anything like that in the game – only a date at the beginning of the level and a small text at the end. The whole story in the game is conveyed through objects, and this idea surprisingly works. The rooms and the items are beautiful, detailed, and delicate things rendered in pixels.


The plot of the game unfolds from 1997 to 2018, it all starts with a children’s room and ends with a huge house. The game has many different details (for example, the heroine is very fond of Nintendo consoles), but the main plot can be contained in several sentences.

We will follow the history of the artist. After school, she goes to college, and after graduation, she continues to live with her roommates. After a couple of years, she met a guy, but the relationship did not work out and she had to return to her parents’ house. She quickly got to her feet, moved into her apartment, and found herself a “girlfriend”, and in the end, they adopted a child and moved to a large house.

Unpacking 2

As mentioned above, throughout the game we will be unpacking things, filling them room by room. There are only 8 levels in the game, and each time the number of rooms and objects increases. It would seem that we just put things in certain places, but this simplicity is addictive, and a kind of pleasure


The duration of the game is only 2 hours to complete plus a maximum of 1 hour for all achievements. During this time, the game does not have time to get bored and ends just at the right moment. I think there is no point in talking about complexity, it is very easy to find places for objects.

Well,I liked the basic concept of Unpacking, a few things started to get in the way of the overall experience. Eventually, the boxes end up empty and everything unfolds the way you want it to. This should naturally be the end, but suddenly objects start glowing red. This game basically says: “No, you can’t come here, and here too.”

Here I note that it is at these moments that you start to get a little furious. So, for me, relaxation has practically stopped because now it has all become a frustrating exercise. The goal now was to find space for these wayward items, but often there was no room left to place anything, which meant something else had to be moved. As the game developed, the situation only got worse, and I had to move into a house with several rooms. As each stage began, I entered with enthusiasm. When it was over, I had a sense of relief, and this is probably not what I was ultimately supposed to get out of it.

Unpacking 3


Unpacking 4

This game is another example of a short but good indie game – it’s fun and enjoyable to play, and it uses a concept that you don’t often see.

As a result, I got a lot of pleasure and I hope that the future games of this studio will not disappoint. I advise you to spend these two hours of your life and relax a little after a hard day at work.

Unpacked is available for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and price is  € 20 or  $ 20 for Windows and Switch version.

This review was completed with a key provided by PR.

Do you remember what you saw in this game? The unboxing will be no less for me than the last superhero movie I watched. Maybe I'll remember her the next time I move, or maybe even grin. I enjoyed the short time I spent with Unpacking and hope there will be more in the future.
  • Pleasant art and music
  • Clever, subtle story presentation
  • Endearing, chill unpacking game mechanic
  • After an hour of playing, it gets dull
  • Only 2 hours of gameplay
  • Too high a price point

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