Funcom’s Dune Will Be More Ambitious & Robust Than Conan Exiles

Funcom's Dune Will Be More Ambitious & Robust Than Conan Exiles

Funcom published a financial report for 2019 that contains some very interesting information: Conan Unconquered did not generate as much attention as the company originally hoped for. Meanwhile, Conan Exiles has been Funcom’s bedrock. The game received 5 DLC in the year and has seen a positive trend in the player activity and numbers. The game’s results prove to the company that the core of creating and operating persistent online worlds is what Funcom is the best at, and it is something taken to heart for future projects – which brings us to Dune.

Funcom is at works on an open-world DUNE game that will build on the success and lessons learned from Conan Exiles:

The biggest, most exciting and most ambitious of our projects is without a doubt the DUNE open-world survival game we’re working on, after having secured the exclusive rights for PC and Console games with this fantastic IP. It’s a game that is still a few years away and will be a more ambitious and robust version of Conan Exiles set in the DUNE universe, designed to be a game as a service from the outset.

Stay tuned to find out more when more information is revealed.

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