Genshin Impact – Herbal Remedies & Parade of Providence Events Now Live

Genshin Impact - Herbal Remedies & Parade of Providence Events Now Live

As Trailblazers get busy exploring Belobog, Genshin Impact continues its journey through Sumeru with the latest flagship event Parade of Providence. Additionally, the official site has started a web event dedicated to Baizhu. Let’s dive right in and see what awaits you!

Herbal Remedies Web Event

To celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited 5-star support Baizhu, the official site of Genshin Impact has kicked off a new web event to show you a bit of his everyday life. It is up to you to prepare the remedies for this doctor’s patients and help their ailments. Note: use tips, provided by the site or it might take you a while to come up with the correct combination of ingredients!

Click here to participate in the event. It will be running through May 3rd. During the event, follow the prescriptions’ instructions and finish the medicinal brews. Upon completion, you will receive in-game items such as Primogems and Character Ascension Materials.

As a reminder, Baizhu is a 5-star Dendro Catalyst who can both shield and heal his teammates. Alongside with Ganyu and 4-star Dendro Claymore Kaveh, he will be available on the character banners in Genshin Impact version 3.6 Phase II. Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, who is rarely seen without the white snake named Changsheng. Meanwhile, Kaveh is a renowned architect from Sumeru who perhaps cares a bit too much about too many things.

Event wish duration: May 2nd – May 23rd

Parade of Providence Flagship Event

Running from now through May 15th, the flagship event is Sumeru’s Akademiya Extravaganza that pits the six Darshan against one another. Being a momentous celebration for the Akademiya, this year’s Extravaganza is extra lively. With competitions and amusements aplenty, meet with people from all across Teyvat and join in a time of revelry.

It is also a great chance for you to earn Primogems, a Crown of Insight, and even a free Faruzan for your Wanderer/Xiao/Heizou! The event will feature six mini-games, led by the respective Darshan. Each Darshan also has its own representative that features in the Parade of Providence – check out the trailer below to see what awaits you in-game.

Genshin Impact also teased a character coming to the game at a later-point: an adorable Inazuman youkai Kirara.

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