Genshin Impact – Version 2.2 Trailer & Melodies of an Endless Journey Concert

The development team from miHoYo held a lengthy livestream dedicated to the upcoming major update for action RPG Genshin Impact. Version 2.2 will be arriving on October 13, 2021!

The trials of the warriors are hidden in the domain, the sorrowful past buried in the hazy fog. When the veil of mystery is lifted, regardless if you are a martial artist craving for combat or a Traveler from a distant land, all will be revealed.

Additionally, the developers of Genshin Impact held an amazing concert titled Melodies of an Endless Journey, featuring an orchestra performing almost two hours’ worth of the game’s soundtrack.

The free and peaceful Mondstadt, as well as the bustling port of Liyue, mark every step of your journey. The melodies of wind and rock intertwine on a whole new stage to compose a unique chapter of your adventure.

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