Get Some Hi Fi With The Creative T 100 Speakers

creative t100 speakers

Creative has unveiled the T100, a new set of speakers that brings a new array of audio options to the desktop environment without the need to house a Hi-Fi stack near your computer.

The Creative T100 is the latest in a line of desktop audio solutions from the team at Creative. Following on from the T20 and T40 sets, this addition to the manufacturer’s 2.0 speaker lineup is set to add even more options when it comes to these unassuming speakers. Despite a fairly small footprint, these speakers aim to impress with the inclusion of Creatives improved BasXPort tech and a 2.75 inch driver. The built-in digital amplifier promises crystal clear reproduction, all backed by a total system power of 40W RMS, peaking at 80W. This should give gamers plenty of volume to play around with.

All The Inputs

The Creative T100 speaker range is not just built to up your audio game and should provide plenty of versatility, whatever you intend to do on your desk. The Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm AUX-in, optical-in, and USB FLAC player mean there are plenty of ways to make the most of this new edition. All of these options are accessible via a handy remote control, giving the T100 more than just a place in the office. The Creative T100 speaker set is available

Just like the Pebble range and the Creative SXFi series that we’ve covered recently, the T series desktop speakers are clearly designed to focus on studio quality and setup options rather than dazzling gamers with overwhelming RGB options. The clean aesthetic should make this desktop update an option for almost any rig, office, or front room without lighting it up like a Christmas tree.

The Creative T100 can be found over on the Creative website for around £109.99 or local equivalent right now.


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