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Rig Pro Series rig 500 black

RIG, the audio arm of Nacon, has come out swinging with a brand new line-up of top tier Rig Pro headsets that gamers can grab today.

Available right now in stores and online, European gamers can get their hands on a whole new audio experience all wrapped up in the iconic RIG headset design. Eight new models were launched earlier today by RIG, providing European consumers with a long awaited update for this audio manufacturer. These new models span three ranges, the RIG 300 PRO, RIG 500 PRO, and RIG 800 PRO giving fans of RIG something across PC and console.


RIG 300

Plug in and keep your cash, the RIG 300 PRO is a budget facing option, designed for gamers who want success without sacrificing their credit for th3 win. Coming in at €29.99, this mixes the well known lightweight frame of other RIG models with a wired 3.5mm connection and precision-tuned 40mm drivers. A flip up mic keeps things discrete and tidy, while a fabric covered foam headband and ear cushions ensure there isn’t any irritation during long sessions on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


Rig 500 Pro White


Taking RIG systems into a different dimension, the RIG 500 PRO GEN 2 is an upgrade of the first generation of this headset with a ton of upgrades and tweaks. The same honeycomb design is enhanced with a steel framework and a suspension-style headband to be both light and durable. This comes coupled with huge padded ear cushions to make this barely noticeable and incredibly immersive.

The low distortion precisely tuned 50 mm drivers deliver game-changing sound, optimized for games with 3D sound. A 2-year activation code for Dolby Atmos is included for an all round soundscape when getting into any arena, on PC and Console. The RIG 500 PRO 2 will hit shelves at €79.99 or the local equivalent.



Coming in at the top of the RIG Pro series, the RIG 800 Pro brings every available comfort and capability gamers need without wires. Pairing with a multi function base station, USB receiver, and a lightweight headset means gaming from any part of the room. The signature design wraps around a pair of 40 mm drivers, a flip up mic, and a lifetime Dolby Atmos to give gamers comfort and immersion.

The RIG 800 Pro comes in at €199.99 or the local equivalent for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC right now. Find out more on the official RIG website.

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