Get Your Oils Out and Start Painting the GameSir G7 SE Controller

GameSir G7 SE in white

Grab your crayons and dig out the spray cans, the new GameSir G7 SE controller is out now, and it adds a special level of personal customization to your desktop.

Standing out in a veritable swathe of high-end controller options isn’t exactly easy, but the peripheral manufacturer GameSir thinks it has the answer. This brand-new handheld brings a bunch of top end options to the table. Like the Victrix, it features swappable faceplates but this is a magnetic swappable paint-friendly faceplate. It’s time to go full Bob Ross.

While we’re working out exactly how to print a Gamespace logo around the edge of this new offering, it would be remiss of us to detail the rest of the specs. The GameSir G7 SE is a fully wired version of the brand’s controllers. It connects via a USB-C port and is Xbox Series X |S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11 compatible. You’ll find the usual array of buttons, although the analog sticks hide something else special. These thumb sticks are anti-drift Hall Effect sticks. These use non-contact magnetic sensors to reduce wear, and thus prevent general drift. The controller also incorporates back button quick latches, allowing users to disable unintended inputs swiftly, something we’ve seen on other devices but is welcome here. While we might still have membrane buttons, the deliberate design choices here mean the GameSir G7 SE seems to hit all the required options for solid controller without edging into elite territory.
At £49.99/$44.99/€59.99 from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Europe stores and GameSir official website, the GameSir G7 SE is out now. I’m off to find the glitter.

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