Maingear Unleashes the R2: Razer Edition Gaming Desktop

What's black and green all over?
Razer R2

Maingear announced this morning the release of their latest high-performance gaming PC, the R2: Razer Edition Gaming Desktop. Pictured above, the R2 is a compact desktop coming in a less than half the size of the company’s original R1 Razer Edition. Despite its small stature, the desktop packs a punch. Using Maingear’s pre-purchase configuration tool, the system can be outfitted for as low as $1099 to all the way over $10,000 for full, open loop liquid cooling and the most powerful internals. It’s clear that the Maingear is embracing the power of choice while still delivering a high-quality gaming machine under any configuration. These systems also fully support VR.

Unlike many other pre-built PC manufacturers, Maingear systems are built by a single master builder. This is an important step, as the R2 also offers more liquid cooling options than any other Maingear system to date. As any builder with experience in advanced liquid cooling knows, ensuring everything is assembled properly can make the difference between a system functioning for years and one that springs a leak out of the gate. Maingear is also offering in-house CPU and GPU overclocking, saving users the hassle of configuring and testing their own hardware.

Maingear began its partnership with Razer with the R1, a full-size desktop offering the same Razer, black and green aesthetic, and host of configuration options.

Read more at the official site.

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