Goat Of Duty Gets A Huge Community Update

goat of duty

Goat Of Duty is just added a massive new community update today because you can improve on Goats wielding grenades.

You read correctly! Goat of Duty is a title where herds of horned teams go head to head in an FPS battle for the ages. IT’s hell on the farmyard but when you strap a mechanized weapon to the local wildlife, add in a grenade, and the odd flamethrower then things are bound to get interesting. After entering early access in July 2019, this shooter from developer 34BigThings gets a massive community update today.

Goats, Guns, and Braaaaaaaging Rights

After months of Early Acess testing, the community rammed home their feedback and the result is the introduction of a Goat Score. This global scoring system helps players rank up based on their performance in-game and providing a way to bring about a leaderboard system. As a result of this global score, players will now find a per match and overall leaderboard, listing how many Goat Points they have accumulated through paly.

In order to grab Goat points, players must focus on their Kill to Death ratio as while the system balances for the length of active time in a match and scaling points based on opposition ranking.

As well as this leader board system, there’s a mountain of other content.

  • Private Matches – Players can now create and invite friends in a private lobby.
  • Sound Occlusion – Play benefits from more believable and realistic goat noises
  • Joining an ongoing match now starts with five seconds of freecam before joining the game so players can understand the game mode and map they’re taking on.
  • Gentle host disconnection – Clients are no more kicked to the main menu but gentle accompanied to the celebration screen.
  • A find match feature.
  • Maps and weapons optimizations and improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Overall, this update should make Goat of Duty easier to play and the most unusual brag ever. Are you the number one WW2 goat shooter in all the world? Prove it when the latest update hits Goat of Duty.

You can find out more about the update at the official website or grab the game on PC via the Steam Early Access Page now.

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  1. If this game has a peggle styled mountain climbing side game it could be maaaaarvelously entertaining!

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