God Eater 3 Trailer Is A New Hope for the AGES

It has been some time since we last got a significant update form the latest God Eater sequel. That all changes today, with the release of a brand new Story trailer for God Eater 3.

Opening on a devastated world, God Eater 3 introduces players to a life where the Fenrir HQ is gone. Humanity is on the back foot and gargantuan Ash Aragami infest the wastelands that were once the cities of old. With so little hope, only a select band of experimental AGES warriors are capable of turning the tide. Able to withstand the unrelenting ash storms of the wastelands, these powerful children are dragged into service by a populace that fears their very existence. It is up to our protagonist to find a way to survive the coming terrors, rescue their comrades, and find a home for the dispossessed AGES.

The latest story trailer for God Eater 3 paints humanity at both its worst and best. It also gives us another glimpse of some of the Aragami, AGES, and NPCs that players will encounter as they battle for survival. God Eater 3 is due to land on western shores 8 February, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC. If you think you can take on the Nuadha we reported on back in June then check out the official website for more information.

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