Greedfall Gets a Next-Gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Update

Greedfall Gets a Next-Gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Update

Greedfall, the swashbuckling adventure RPG from Nancon, is set to take the adventure onto Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S | X with a next-gen update.

Due to make land when it’s ready, Greedfall will get this new update thanks to developer Spiders and Focus Home Interactive, who are now part of Nancon. The upgrade was announced over on Greedfall’s official Twitter and but the teams behind the title didn’t exactly give us a whole ton of other information.

Greedfall originally launched back on 10 September 2019 for Xbox One, Pc and, Playstation 4. It plunges players into a lost world and asks them to forge the future of a land full of magic, mysticism, and ancient legends. It launched to a generally positive response, although there are some valid criticisms about the title’s themes and combat systems. You can check out our thoughts on this fantasy RPG in our Greedfall review. Greedfall has sold over a million copies since it hit last-gen consoles and when we do get a glimpse of the new update we’re expecting to see some high def additions to this RPG.

We expect more upgrades than simply just a new resolution option but when we know more we will let you know. You can find out more about Greedfall over at the official website now or grab it on Steam right now for a 60% discount until 1 December 2020.

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