Green Hell Prepares For Steam Early Access

Creepy Jar prepares its first-person open-world realistic survival simulator Green Hell for Steam Early Access. This summer, players will be able to find out if they have what it takes to survive Amazonian rainforest where the character is left all alone, without any food or equipment. There will be no help from the outside world.

Equipped only with your bare hands you’ll have to learn actual survival techniques to build shelters, make tools, and craft weapons in order to hunt and defend yourself. Constantly threatened by the jungle you’ll fight with both wild animals and tropical sicknesses. Players will also have to face the traps set by your own mind and fears that crawl in the darkness of the endless jungle.

“Green Hell starts as a fight for survival in the Amazonian rainforest. The team has worked hard to capture this, but we want your feedback as we expand both the boundaries of the map and the challenges players face in-game.

Early Access offers us an opportunity to involve the survival community in the creation of Green Hell. We want to listen and grow with our players, and ultimately tell a bigger story within the parameters of the world.”

You can find out more on the official site.

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