Guild Wars 2 Finally has A Steam Release Date

Guild Wars 2, the hugely popular MMORPG from ArenaNet, is coming to Steam on 23 August.

ArenaNet has just confirmed that Tyria is brining all of its mirth. magic, and dragons to Steam on 23 August 2022. The inevitable arrival of this genre redefining MMORPG onto Steam was confirmed some time ago, but now players looking to log in and play for free can do so from their Steam launcher. The new entry in the Steam Database might no mean much to battle hardened players at first glance, but the timing is significant. The launch coincides with the 10th anniversary of the title’s initial launch and will hopefully usher in plenty of new adventurers.

“Guild Wars 2 has delighted over 16 million players for a decade with its subscription-free business model, epic collaborative open-world boss encounters, and revolutionary mount system,” said Kendall Boyd, Senior Vice President of Marketing at NCSOFT West. “By launching on Steam, a whole new audience of players who have never had the chance to adventure with us will be able to experience one of the greatest fantasy worlds in gaming. Everyone at NCSOFT and ArenaNet is excited to welcome them into our amazing community.”

Players picking up the Steam version of Guild Wars 2 will be able to cross play with any friends on the existing first party client. The new Steam Store page will also include a range of options come the launch day, from totally free to the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection. Priced at £86.97 or local equivalent. This includes the base game, every expansion, and all five seasons of the Living World. So, whether you want to outrun a Centaur in central Tyria, pet some pocket raptors in Heart of Thorns, battle a Djinn in Path of fire, or watch the end of Dragons then you can. Players who have already conquered all of these trials will be pleased to know that they can get even more loot by watching new streamers take down Zhaitan and company. A Twitch Drops campaign kicks off on 23 August, where players will be able to earn exclusive in-game character rewards including classic outfits, experience boosters, and even a unique Glowing Purple Mask cosmetic.

Find out more over on the Guild Wars 2 website and the new Steam Store page now.

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