Hipster Attack Coming This Summer

The next couple of months can be hell for some of us. Hayfever, heat exhaustion, that giant orange asteroid in the sky, and swarms of annoying things constantly buzzing around your local coffee shop. Now, developer Televisor is about to let you clear the streets of the Hipster hordes in Hipster Attack.

Coming this summer to iOS, Android, and PC, this variation on the classic tower defense game takes a tongue in cheek look at the rise of the hipster generation and lets your office workers fight back. Take the place of a buttoned-up office manager and use a series of unconventional weapons to clear hipsters from the surrounding area.

A range of upgrades and incentives are available for players ready to build their corporate empire. Starting out with simple HR Reps, players can upgrade their staff to include a crack executive team, a super cleaning team, and security guards. Players with a growing company can push back the waves of poets, music masters, and trendsetters with a variety of weapons. Coffee bombs, flying doughnuts, CVs, and urban coffee traps are all totally valid options when it comes to keeping your street clear.

This cheeky new twist on the tower defense genre is out later this summer and while I’m probably on the wrong side of this altercation, I’ll see you at Starshmucks. You can check out more details on the game at the official website and view the Hipster Attack release trailer below.


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