Hitman 3 Freelancer Trailer Peeks at the New Game Mode

Hitman 3 Freelancer Game Mode

IO Interactive has been working on the Hitman 3 Freelancer game mode for several years. The day is nearly here when players get to dip their toes into an entirely new way to play the long-running franchise. To introduce players to Freelancer, developers released a new trailer that provides a peek into how the new game mode works ahead of its January 26th launch.

What is Freelancer?

The “normal” main game mode offers players a tailored experience where the assassin is a sort of VIP. Players have an organization that provides targets, offers detailed briefings, and top-end gear. Agent 47 does his job without the muss and fuss of taking care of things alone.

In Freelancer, however, players are on their own. They’ll need to build and maintain an arsenal of weapons and gear. They’ll have to dive into the nitty gritty of deciding which weapons are best suited for missions. Along the way, they’ll have to weigh every step’s pros and cons. In a nutshell, the work of being an assassin is put into the hands of the player.

In addition, players can choose which Syndicates to work against. According to the dev team, everything is based on a player’s preferred play style. This includes their favorite locations and/or the “personal dislikes of certain types of crime.”

The key here, is that HITMAN: Freelancer puts the strategic planning of a mission into the hands of the player. The game mode relies on randomized elements that are rolled independently of each other. The game mode gives the player all available information, but there’s no guarantee that an objective, for instance, is possible when on the mission. To succeed, it is up to the player to ensure that a payout objective is possible, by bringing the right gear, or choosing the right combination of location, brought gear and objectives.

Check out the new trailer and then head to the Hitman 3 Freelancer official site.

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