Honkai Impact 3rd Launches As Thunders Filled the Sky

Honkai Impact 3rd Launches As Thunders Filled the Sky

If you love anime and video games then the hit on the go RPG Honkai Impact 3rd just launched a new 4.1 update, As Thunders Filled the Sky.

Announced just today, the latest update to this popular online RPG introduces a new S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Thunder], the featured battlesuit of the version. [Herrscher of Thunder] is a PSY-type Lightning damage dealer capable of dealing high Lightning DMG continuously and providing SP support for PSY-type teammates. Her Ultimate summons a ridable dragon with powerful burst DMG and sustained DMG capacity.

Extra Events

On top of awsome looking dragons and brand new battlesuits, the Version 4.1 update comes with extra events for players to get involved in. Gemina Invasions are coming to the Deep Paradise arc. Anybody who participates in these additions can loot a bunch of new rewards including a summer outfit for Molotov Cherry. Players who log in for 3 days can also choose one from four top-grade blades for free. If you are more interested in the narrative side of Honkai Impact 3rd then players can continue this story in the latest Chapter XVIII update, as the prosperous Coral Island faces annihilation from surging tides of Honkai energy.

This is just the latest in a line of updates for Honkai Impact 3rd, an action orientated 3D RPG that launched back in 2016. Now, players can jump in and experience then now As Thunders Filled the Sky update to Honkai Impact 3rd across iOS, Android, and PC. Check out the official Honkai Impact 3rd website for more details.

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