Honkai Star Rail Tokyo Games Show Trailer

Honkai Star Rail, the upcoming turn-based battler from HoYoverse, got a new trailer as part of the Tokyo Games Show special event.

During a deep dive into the full expanse of titles from the Otakus at HoYoverse, Honkai Star Rail took the spotlight and dropped a brand-new trailer. Potential players of this new anime inspired adventure got to take a glimpse at the journey that is set to depart soon. This special program gave us all a look at detailed aspects of the game, concentrating on the immersive interstellar setting and story. The standalone story and arguably the fourth installment in the Honkai series is a new tale with original characters and old friends that you can meet in the latest trailer.

The trailer, above, gives us a sneak peek at Xianzhou Luofu and Fu Xuan. These two are integral to the story behind Honkai Star Rail, a sci-fi epic taking place in a new Honkai universe. The teaser also gives us a look at the Herta Space Station, where the player protagonist begins their ride, when they end up being implanted with a Stellaron. A ride across the galaxy ensues, aboard the Astral Express, to find a solution to a dangerous fate that could await them. One of the many destinations is highlighted in the trailer. Jarilo-VI is an early entry in this tale and an ice-cold planet that is filled with vast maps, a busy overworld, and tons of turn based battles that set it apart from the behemoth that is Genshin Impact and the upcoming Zenless Zone Zero.

To find out more about Star Rail and what makes it so different from the rest of the HoYoverse, check out the official website before it arrives on PC and mobile.

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