House Flipper – Farm DLC Got an Interesting Infographic

House Flipper - Farm DLC Got an Interesting Infographic

Publisher PlayWay and developers Frozen Way and Empyrean have shared a small infographic dedicated to the upcoming House Flipper Farm DLC. The release of the expansion is planned for April 13th, and it is a great way to see all the additions at a glance if you haven’t purchased it yet.

If you prefer to have the text version of the DLC additions, here we go!

  • The DLC adds over 1500 new items;
  • Players will have access to 10 new jobs;
  • There will be 9 houses for purchase and 3 empty slots;
  • The expansion features 7 farm animals, 6 crops and 6 animal products;
  • 9 new tools and mechanics to freshen up the gameplay, including the Architect tool that lets you extend your houses, create houses from scratch and create custom roofs.

The developers describe the DLC as providing fresh farm vibes. Let your surroundings be filled with the sounds of the life of your animal companions, build homesteads and look after swine, sheep, chickens, and more. When it comes to crops, no matter what you plant, you better take care of creating the right conditions for your vegetation – and there is a selection of tools to help with that.

“Keeping your farm in check is not just a responsibility, but also a pleasure!
Whistle for your favorite steed, hop in the saddle, and go for a ride around your land.
Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of your adventure, farmer.
Maplebloom Village awaits you!”

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