Huge 3.0 Update Deployed in Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul

gamigo has announced that Echo of Soul has been updated to bring the massive 3.0 version into the fantasy-themed MMORPG. There is new content to explore, a new level cap to achieve, and several brand new systems to try out among the usual bug fixes and feature enhancements.

The new 99 level cap allows players to challenge themselves with more difficult content as well as take on the hunt for new high-end gear. They can hang out in the Kranheim Zone 1 raid dungeon, the “difficult-level” Crimson Fortress party dungeon, try their hand at the Arena of Ordeal party dungeon, or take part in the Hidden Challenge Tower in order to level up and find some new gear.

In addition, the God Stone system has been added that allows players to further enhance their characters by adding bonus stats to their gear. At level 99, player EXP becomes a currency that can be exchanged to open new God Stone slots to further tweak their character stats.

Other exciting new or updated features include:

  • the addition of high-level EPIC equipment
  • Pet System revamp
  • Deification Skills added
  • a complete overhaul of the Mission System
  • an entirely new in-game currency system
  • improvements to the Cash Shop System and UI
  • a balance adjustment
  • several new convenience improvements
  • the all-new Premium Plus and Premium Buff Service

Check out the Echo of Soul official site to learn more about the 3.0 update.

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