John Carter Warlord of Mars Leaps Into the 21st Century

John Carter Warlord of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter Warlord of Mars was introduced to the world over a century ago but that doesn’t stop an intrepid adventurer from making the leap into the 21s Century. Thanks to Kickstarter, fans have a chance to back the team at Hypnotic Ants Studio as they work on bringing this seminal hero to video games in 2022. The crowdfunding campaign is aiming for a March 1, 2022 start date. According to the press announcement, the dev team is “firmly in place and now finalizing their graphics work and programming plans”.

The game starts in 1945, the gameplay will center on the soldier John Carter, working on a mission to find Hitler’s secret projects operation. The orders for this mission come directly from Ian Fleming, triggering the start of an epic sci-fi adventure. During the adventure, John Carter finds experimental technology that ultimately transports him to ‘Barsoom’ known to us on Earth as the fourth planet in our solar system, the red planet, Mars.

When on Barsoom the action follows John Carter as he meets the weird and wonderful natives of Barsoom, acclimatizing himself to Martian gravity, the local customs, and Martian languages. His mission includes meeting the mighty Thark warrior, Tars Tarkas, fighting with giant ape-like monsters, and falling in love with the beautiful Princess of Mars, Dejah Thoris.

Head to the John Carter Warlord of Mars Kickstarter teaser page to sign up for notification when the campaign begins.

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